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Race To Plug & Play Tech Centre Summit – If You Are A Startup Looking To Accelerate Your Company Fast

Today we are looking at PLUG and PLAY - an innovation platform - with 28 locations around the world each with strategic partners and focus, PLUG and PLAY can help startups expand into new markets faster than...

013 EPS How to Fund Your Business and Attract Corporate Partners – Anita Darden Gardyne

Edyne talks with Anita Darden Gardyne - Co-Founder and CEO - Oneva about Start-Up to thriving small business, attracting Corporate Partners and launching a fundraising campaign. Anita Darden Gardyne is a  former CFO, Seagate. MBA. Skilled in...

012 EPS CHRISTIE LINDOR Best-Selling Author of The MECE Muse

The first generation American, first generation college graduate, first generation corporate professional and now one of the first African American to publish a book on management consulting, Christie Lindor spent the first five years of her...

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