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005 EPS Anita Gardyne: The Making Of A $1 Million Start-Up

Anita Gardyne On today's episode, Edyne Plancy welcomes Anita Gardyne. Anita is the Co-Founder and CEO at Onēva. A start-up company that tailors care needs for infant, child, adult, and elder care, and more, in the...

004 EPS Jaime Jay Starting Your Own Business Online

Jaime Jay On today's episode, Edyne Plancy welcomes Jaime Jay. Jaime is the Founder and Managing Director of Slapshot Studio, a go-to boutique web development company for many entrepreneurs and small business owners. Tune in to...

003 EPS Annie Lalla — “Love Me, Love You”! The Art of Fighting

Annie Lalla In this episode, Edyne Plancy talks with Annie Lalla, a Relationship Coach Specializing in love, sex & conflict resolution. Tune in to learn about how to leverage conflict for winning strategies for business and...

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