003 EPS Annie Lalla — Cartographer of Love

003 EPS Annie Lalla — “Love Me, Love You”! The Art of Fighting

Annie Lalla

In this episode, Edyne Plancy talks with Annie Lalla, a Relationship Coach Specializing in love, sex & conflict resolution. Tune in to learn about how to leverage conflict for winning strategies for business and life!

003 EPS Annie Lalla — Cartographer of LoveResolving Conflicts

Annie used used to work in the IT industry in Europe. But, she eventually realized it wasn’t for her. For about 8 to 10 years now, she helps people resolve their conflicts by walking them through their emotions.

“Conflict is an attempt to be connected and understood.” -Annie Lalla

She has a knack for seeing the connection between people. And, that’s what she tries to help them out. She has powerful tools to alchemize the conflict in between relationships.

An Unconscious Invitation

003 EPS Annie Lalla — Cartographer of LoveAccording to Annie, women unconsciously train the people around them. When you feel like being undervalued, you’ll find that there’s a way…

“There’s a way in which you are behaving around those people who treat you that way, that invites and accommodates that treatment.” -Annie Lalla

One example is when you hang out with your friends at home. You walk into your apartment, and sit on the sofa with your dirty shoes on. Unfortunately, your friends acknowledge that and do the same thing.

003 EPS Annie Lalla — Cartographer of LoveA Little Girl Inside

Annie asks: How often do you express your need? People watch how you carry yourself around them.

“You have to hold your mind still in order to hear inspiration clearly.” -Agnes Martin

There’s a little girl inside every woman. That little girl has needs and desires all the time. You either honor and represent those needs and desires or not at all.

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