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001 EPS Melissa Krivachek Do or Do Not; There is No Try

Melissa Krivachek Do or Do Not; There is No Try

Are you brave enough to live life to the fullest? Tune in as Edyne Plancy interviews Melissa Krivachek. Melissa is the Founder of The Millionaire’s Podcast. She recently launched her new book titled 30 Days of Hell. Listen to know about it, and learn classic tips on how you too can take the leap to success!

“Life is as simple or as complex as you make it. It’s complex to keep things simple.” -Melissa Krivachek

Meet Melissa Krivachek

Melissa Krivachek - Edyne Plancy ShowMelissa takes people who have experienced devastation, death or divorce and helps them create radical change in their lives, businesses, and families. The point at which change happens is a decision … a decision it takes many of us years to get to.

“Bold is the new sexy!” -Melissa Krivachek

She’s had 7 years of experience in the field, and has written a total of 8 books (5 international best sellers) in just 3 years. Melissa was also nominated for Forbes 30 Under 30, and was the cover of Evolution Magazine-Top Power Player Under 40.

She belongs to the top 1% of US Executives in the Council of American Executives. Not only that, she also made hundreds of media/podcast appearances throughout those years. In just 12 months, she eliminated 130 pounds.

Throughout her life, she’s inspired thousands of people with hundreds of success stories. There’s definitely no stopping her from getting what she want.

The Idea Behind 30 Days of Hell

001 EPS Melissa Krivachek Do or Do Not; There is No TryThe book served like a healing process to Melissa. She got married very quickly, left everything behind, and took 156 pounds of luggage with a one-way ticket to India.

“Not making a decision is a decision and a bad one at that.” -Melissa Krivachek

Melissa is a decision maker. Once she makes up her mind, it’s final. In India, she found everything so different.

She went home after 29 days, and experienced the most shocking days of her life. She annulled her marriage and went back to doing the things she loved.

That’s what 30 Days of Hell is about. It’s for anybody who wants to take a risk and advance in life.

Knowing Your True Self

001 EPS Melissa Krivachek Do or Do Not; There is No TryApart from her sense of adventure, Melissa is also very clear in her intentions. She shares that you can only do so if you know who you are as an individual.

“It takes a moment to make a different decision many of us take decades to get to that moment.” -Melissa Krivachek

Unfortunately, not everyone knows who they are. That is why they resort certain things that they think will satisfy, but they end up unfulfilled instead. When you know who you are, you know that every decision you make will affect what you do.

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