000 EPS Introduction with Edyne Plancy

Introduction with Edyne Plancy

Welcome to the Edyne Plancy Show! It is time to “Awaken the Superwoman Within”—Raw confessions and insights from successful women entrepreneurs and corporate leaders. Hear the behind the scenes stories of their businesses, lives, and careers…and implement the golden nuggets/strategies.

Edyne Plancy believes that these raw confessions about Awakening the Superwoman Within are some of the essential nuggets to success. You will want to stay a while!

Her wide array of great guests agree. If you’re all about finding how to Awaken the Superwoman Within and move your business, career, life forward then, this show is for you.

Meet Edyne Plancy

Edyne is a superwoman entrepreneur. She owns a web design and digital marketing company, and serves as a business consultant. Her mission is to help people leverage their skills as well as teach them how to get the clients and money they deserve.

“I realized that they did not appreciate or take into consideration my expertise and skills. However, I was still able to do the job that they wanted me to do. So, I quit my job.” -Edyne Plancy

Her 15 years of corporate experience inspired her to launch this amazing show. She used to work as an IT Project Manager, but found it hard to get promoted.

She once handled a multi-million dollar project. However, when she applied for an increase, the company told her that they didn’t have enough money to increase her pay. That’s when she decided to quit.

The Start of Her Entrepreneurial Journey

Edyne started her own business 2 weeks after she resigned. She launched her own IT corporation and digital marketing consulting firm, and landed a 6-figure contract immediately.

She knew right then that she was able to leverage her skills and got the money she deserved. Not only that, her worst was also being recognized in the market more than she expected.

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