002 EPS Sonia Morffi — From Designing Her Own Jewelry to CEO of Radio Latino Inc

In this episode, Edyne Plancy talks with Sonia Morffi, CEO and founder of Radio Latino Inc and Mujeres Y Yo. Tune in and learn how to face adversity and live your dreams no matter what.

“Alimentate con #Dios. EL se encargara de abrirte puertas.” -Sonia Morffi

A Mission to Connect and Empower

Sonia’s mission is to connect with other empowering women. Born in Mexico, she saw a lot of great shows. When she came to the US, she wanted to have something to identify with.

“When you start to believe,  everything becomes possible.” -Sonia Morffi

Skeptics told her it wasn’t possible. But, she kept on.

Sonia used to sell clothes in Mexico, and is a single mom. She’s been in paralegal for awhile now.

Starting a Radio Station

A motivational seminar changed her life. Because of it, she decided to pursue her artistic capabilities. Eventually, she put up her own radio station.

“In the world of the LA BOHEMIA, music and conversation intertwine to delight the mind and the ear.” -Sonia Morffi

She wanted something that sparks unity. She wanted to connect with other nationalities, other women. Now, their team has grown to 18 awesome individuals from different parts of the world.

No to Fear

Fear is not in Sonia’s vocabulary. She decided to see only what she wanted to see. She set her heart to uniting women and breaking barriers.

“Wake up with #Determination go to sleep with great #Satisfaction.” -Sonia Morffi

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