005 EPS Anita Gardyne: The Making Of A $1 Million Start-Up

Anita Gardyne

On today’s episode, Edyne Plancy welcomes Anita Gardyne. Anita is the Co-Founder and CEO at Onēva. A start-up company that tailors care needs for infant, child, adult, and elder care, and more, in the San Francisco Bay Area. Tune in to learn how Onēva raised $850,000 to date from various investors and how Anita has become the 15th black women in the startup industry that has hit the $1 million in VC fundraising.

“Be strategic in your thinking.” -Anita Gardyne

The Start-Up Journey

As a woman, an African-American CEO of a Start-Up, dealing with the obvious diversity gaps, Anita learned very quickly the power of staying focused. During a pitch event, she was in a room with a number of CEOs and a gentleman turned to her chief technology officer and said: “are you going to let the black girl pitch?”. Anita felt angry, frozen but she was able to turn it around and deliver a great pitch that got praises from other VCs.

Anita says: ” we know that there are people out there who will try to step on your dreams, but you need to let go of those hurdles and keep focused on your ideas and be heard”.

“Are you going to let the black girl pitch?”

Anita is constantly leveraging her corporate skills in her entrepreneurial world. ” I am the queen of free”. Networking and collaboration are key to succeed. Finding someone to mentor you and make sure the relationship is authentic and genuine. Choose your mentors /mentee very carefully. As the youngest of 8 children, Anita

“I am the Queen of Free.” -Anita Gardyne

over 15 years in the corporate world has been a tremendous asset to transition to an entrepreneurial world. A decision had to be made regarding raising the children and waiting for her time to step up and do what she always knew she could – become a successful entrepreneur.

Inclusion and diversity

Anita was fortunate enough to be mentored by Microsoft and be able to alleviate some of the pain points such as high-tech standards and being capital efficient.Onēva is mainly a tech platform and having such partnership enables the company to focus on what is important to succeed.

“This alliance has proven to be so valuable.” -Anita Gardyne

There no best time to become a female entrepreneur as it is right now…To get Anita’s free resources links and special announcement, go to our Facebook page.

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