006 EPS Forbes Riley the $2 Billion Dollar Woman: The Forbes Factor

Forbes Riley

“You are not your resources but your resourcefulness”. Forbes Riley is the $2 Billion Dollar Spokeswoman, Entrepreneur, Keynote Speaker, Creator of the SpinGym & National Fitness Hall of Fame Inductee. Forbes was bullied as a young child, overweight and her father’s tragic accident forced her to understand early on she didn’t need to worry about the resources but the resourcefulness.

On today’s episode, Edyne Plancy finds out from Forbes the importance of “figuring it out. ” I am challenged to figure it out”. Finding a mentor and “Forbes It.” and manifesting your dreams. Before becoming a media success, host of more than 100 infomercials and 20 years marketing products on home shopping channels worldwide, Forbes Riley struggled with her own weight and her father’s unrealized dream of becoming an inventor. Crowned by the press as the $2 Billion Dollar Host, she was determined to reach her goals — and through dedication, never ending passion and hard work, she has.

“One + One Equal Five.” -Forbes Riley


Forbes is recognized as a pioneer in the industry and for pitching the most wildly popular products such as the Jack LaLanne Juicer, the Montel Williams Health Master, her own Forbes Riley SpinGym and the best of the best fitness, health and life improvement products over the course of her career. She lives her mission that health and fitness is a lifestyle, not a fad.

“The Forbes Factor”

Forbes has a new class called Forbes Factor in Los Angeles on July 20 – 21- 22 – 23. See details at the EdynePlancyShow Facebook community. This is an inspirational and transformational workshop that you have never experienced. You do not need more information but you need to change your core belief to make a tremendous impact on your life.

“Change a core belief about yourself.” – Forbes Riley

Oprah and Richard Brunson 25th hour in a day

You can replace your money but not your time. What is the difference between a billionaire and you?

“Find a mentor, be in the best mastermind group and stop building someone else’s dream and not yours – shame on you!” – Forbes Riley

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