011 EPS Ray Matz A 3x Team USA World Champion and Game Changing Dads Journey

In this episode, Edyne Plancy talks with Ray Matz, CEO of Game Changing Dads about the importance of creating a solid relationship with your family whilst running a successful business.

His hockey career gave him the opportunity to be the head instructor at Team USA Clinics for 20 years; he has taught hockey to kids of all ages from all over the world. At the young age of 39, Ray married Julie—they just celebrated their 10 year anniversary! Ray and Julie have three awesome children.

Game Changing Dads?

A coaching and mastermind encouraging fathers and husbands to lead, love, and live! Having better relationships with their children and family whilst building successful businesses.

Business Lessons From My Father.

“I get every opportunity to get my children involved in my various businesses”.

Ray early childhood was around poverty in Philadelphia. When his father started his entrepreneurial journey, despite showing Ray some of the ropes, there was not a lot of time dedicated to family time. The life lessons he learned from his father allowed Ray to start his own businesses in landscaping and real estate and now as a business coach, teaching men how he has created an entrepreneurial foundation with his family. 

Check out Ray’s  “TOP TEN GAME CHANGERS” to get off the bench and into the game!

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