012 EPS CHRISTIE LINDOR Best-Selling Author of The MECE Muse

The first generation American, first generation college graduate, first generation corporate professional and now one of the first African American to publish a book on management consulting, Christie Lindor spent the first five years of her consulting career as an outsider struggling and shocked to find herself in such a competitive environment with very few women in a leadership consulting roles and even fewer people of colour. Determined to change this situation, Christie made it her mission to become the mentor she wished she had earlier in her career.

Her decision to become successful in her field was also fuelled by her need to make sure no one suffered the way she had suffered in the earlier part of her career.

Fast forward a decade, she started to scale and organize the vast knowledge she had amassed by mentoring many young consultants over the years but also sharing what other consulting partners had to say about how to be a great consultant.

Christie launched her new best selling book The Mece Muse: 100+ selected practices, unwritten rules, and habits of great consultants. Today, The Mece Muse is a best-selling management consulting book and is available worldwide.

Christie also knew that in order to bring the guiding principles of great consulting to a wide audience, she needed a platform that would provide an inside scoop on the habits of great consultants in the form of storytelling, career guidance, selected practices and “real deal” insights into the profession.

Christie created her podcast called The MECE Muse Unplugged. It is a weekly pop-up variety podcast show that offers interviews, storytelling, career advice, and trending topics in the world of consulting to help new or aspiring consultants. New episodes every Friday in addition to on-demand MECE Mentoring Moments answering career questions from listeners.