013 EPS How to Fund Your Business and Attract Corporate Partners – Anita Darden Gardyne

Edyne talks with Anita Darden Gardyne – Co-Founder and CEO – Oneva about Start-Up to thriving small business, attracting Corporate Partners and launching a fundraising campaign. Anita Darden Gardyne is a  former CFO, Seagate. MBA. Skilled in technical large-scale systems, finance, and enterprise sales.

Today’s adults juggle caring for aging parents and children while working full-time. Oneva makes finding trusted in-home care easy with our platform to find, book, and pay high-quality caregivers as an employee benefit. Last year, we finished a year-long pilot at Microsoft. As a result, several other large Fortune 100 companies, plus the Finnish and Japanese governments, showed interest in Oneva. Now that we built our tech, we’re ready to close contracts on companies in our pipeline.

Fast forward 4 years, Oneva is a thriving company launching a fundraising campaign with Wefunder.com

Oneva is An Employee Benefit for Large Corporations like Microsoft

While consumers might seem like the obvious way to sell in-home care services, we can meet the exact same families who need the exact same care through employee benefits at work. By integrating into their HR, just like health, dental, and 401(k) benefits, we create trust from the start. And by offering flexible payment options through stipends, grants, awards, payroll deduction and FSA reimbursement – which we couldn’t offer in the consumer market – means customers are more likely to keep purchasing care through Oneva.

Anita and her team have been able to partner with blue-chip Investors, Advisors, Supporters, and Team. With advisors and mentors like Rev. Jesse Jackson and Fred Thiele, GM of Benefits at Microsoft, Oneva won second place at TechCrunch Disrupt and joined the Technology Industry Group as one of their recommended minority-owned businesses.

EARLY BIRD BONUS: $13M Valuation Cap

Investors who fund up to the first $100K of this fundraiser will invest in a SAFE with a $13M valuation cap.


We want to generate millions of living wage jobs, let elders age in their homes, and let workers stay in the workforce. The demand for in-home care is only going to grow: globally, our population is increasing in size and age. In the U.S. alone, the 65+ population is projected to grow from 48M to 88M by 2050. That’s a lot more people who will need care – as the first in-home care company for large organizations, we’re well-positioned to turn this opportunity into a massive business.


  • Winner Best Startup Silicon Valley 2015.
  • Completed year-long pilot for Microsoft. 1,876 care hours provided.
  • CEO is ~11th black woman to raise $1M in U.S. history.
  • Runner-up at TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2017.
  • CEO is a former CFO at Seagate.
  • CTO has 10 patents, 8 of which relate to the video that Oneva uses.
  • CTO was an engineering lead at 3 companies with exits (including Xros at $3.25B).
  • Oneva has 2 video patents: concierge care platform and personal video commercial studio.