About Us

Awakening the Superwoman Within

I’m Edyne Plancy, the founder of the Successful Sidekick Revolution for Women.

I am a career partner, author and collaborator for above average Purpose-Driven Women and Men “In Transition” worldwide.

I can proudly say that I’m a successful businesswoman who has managed to unlock her full potential and create an amazing professional career, and today I help women all across the world to achieve a get-it-done attitude and gain a candid insight on how to leverage their skills, raise their value and know their worth.

My clients are above average performers who struggle to get the recognition they deserve in their career, are scared to raise their pricing in their business, passed on for promotions and do not have a clue about their true value. Most of them are in a state of crisis about whether they are in the right career, job or relationship. Some desperately want to make a change but don’t know how. Others have completely lost any sense of balance or connection in life, and very much want to know where they belong.


We empower and leverage skills in an entrepreneur’s world. How to be in your power so you allow opportunities to come into view through promotions, recognition, and by guiding you to design your career or your business in a way that supports you and your dreams.

How you can get status and recognition without connections and favors.
How you can increase your promotability using the Awakening The Superwoman Within Factor… without being

overly aggressive and turning off the people who need your skills.
The counter-intuitive way to brand yourself as a Rising Star so you can command a higher salary and work with
key projects and teams…