Race To Plug & Play Tech Centre Summit – If You Are A Startup Looking To Accelerate Your Company Fast

Today we are looking at PLUG and PLAY – an innovation platform – with 28 locations around the world each with strategic partners and focus, PLUG and PLAY can help startups expand into new markets faster than ever before.

With a mission to make innovation open to anyone, anywhere Plug and Play is the ultimate innovation platform, bringing together the best startups and the world’s largest corporations. Plug and Play invest in over 250 startups a year and has connections to 300 of the world’s best VCs. If you’re looking to grow your business faster, Plug and Play has the perfect ecosystem for you to do it.

  • 50+ programs a year, 12-weeks each
  • No equity required
  • office space
  • Stage-agnostic for (startups of all sizes)
  • Build your pipeline of corporate clients
  • Meet mentors, VCs, and angel investors
  • and Leverage the global network

My guests are Alexander Tran – Senior Associate for Plug and Play Ventures, focusing on the Insurtech and Health & Wellness verticals as well as Anita Darden Gardyne the Cofounder and CEO of ONEVA.

Anita Darden Gardyne:                   Alexander Tran, Senior Associate

Co-founder & CEO at Onēva            for Plug and Play Ventures

“We believe that technology has the power to make the world a better place and we invest our time and resources into entrepreneurs that are making an impact. An elite ecosystem of entrepreneurs, Plug&Play Tech Centre’s goal is to help startups grow and succeed.”

Since 2006, we’ve been accelerating startups, matchmaking them with corporate clients, and investing in them.

  • 426
  • Startups accelerated in 2017
  • $7b
  • Raised by portfolio companies
  • 262
  • Global investments in 2017
  • 220+
  • Major corporate partners
  • 300+
  • VCs in our ecosystem

Why should you apply to Plug and Play?

1- No equity required

Stop giving equity to accelerators. We do not ask participating startups to give up any ownership. We would much rather invest in your next round of funding fairly.

2- Stage-agnostic

Our programs are for companies of all stages (from seed to Series C and beyond). We help startups land massive clients, raise capital, and build their business.

3- An in-house VC

Our venture team invests in over 260 startups globally every year and our check sizes run from $25,000 to $500,000. Become a portfolio family member today.

4- Build your traction

We have partnered with over 220 of the world’s largest corporations to help them discover startups. Our startups pitch in private sessions to land pilots and grow faster.

Go international

With over 25 locations across The Americas, Europe, Middle East, and Asia, we can help you scale to new markets faster.

Room to grow

Our 180,000 square foot building in the heart of Silicon Valley makes it easy for teams to grow hassle free.

World-class mentors

The mentors in our ecosystem are experts and leaders in their industry, have built successful businesses, and want to help you build yours.

Daily networking events

In 2017, we hosted 700 events at our headquarters in Silicon Valley alone. As part of this ecosystem, you will network daily and meet like-minded people.

VC network on tap

We might not have kombucha on tap (yet), but we do have 300 of the world’s best venture capital funds as regular visitors. This has helped our ecosystem raise more than $7bn.

Corporate Innovation:

Supercharge your innovation strategy

Our mission is to catalyze technological advancement and that’s why we bring together the world’s largest corporations to power the growth of the startups shaping their industries.

By joining the network, you get bespoke dealflow, decision-making power over the accelerator programs, and an unrivaled presence in the heart of technology: Silicon Valley.

Plug&Play Tech Center boosts your digital transformation

Building an innovation strategy at a massive company is a huge challenge. We simplify that by helping you connect to the startups that can directly impact your business and technology goals.

We empower specific business units from our Corporate Partners by pin-pointing their business challenges and matching these directly to startups with the right solutions

Plug and Play Ventures

As one of the most active VCs in Silicon Valley, our goal is to fund the teams that are building the defensible businesses of the future. By leveraging our capital, our network of VCs, and our corporate partners, we give our portfolio companies an unfair advantage.

Some of Plug and Play success stories include:

Dropbox, PayPal (acq’d by eBay), Lending Club (NYSE: LC), NatureBox, SoundHound, Zoosk, Matcha (acq’d by Apple), VentureBeat, FiscalNote, CreditSesame, Api.ai (acq’d by Google), Milo (acq’d by eBay), AddThis (acq’d by Oracle), Baarzo (acq’d by Google), ChangeTip (acq’d by Airbnb), Danger (acq’d by Microsoft), Ellie Mae (NYSE: ELLI), Vudu (acq’d by Walmart). The industries we focus on are Fintech, Insurtech, Internet of Things, Brand & Retail, Mobility, New Materials & Packaging, Sustainability, Food & Beverage, Travel & Hospitality, Health & Wellness, and Supply Chain & Logistics.

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